To Do In: Budapest

Listen while reading! Fisherman’s Bastion This is a must do. The structure is beautiful and includes a beautiful aerial view of the city as well.  Central Market Hall A huge indoor market with food and souvenirs. If you don’t find something there, you won’t find it anywhere else in Budapest. Chain Bridge St. Stephen's… Continue reading To Do In: Budapest


Complete Travel Guide to Paris Arrondissements

1st Arrondissement Musée du Louvre The most well-known museum in Paris and home of the Mona Lisa. Don't try to do everything in one day, you will be overwhelmed. Having a tour guide is also a good option. Palais-Royal This courtyard used to be filled with shops. Police were banned from entering because the royals had… Continue reading Complete Travel Guide to Paris Arrondissements


To Do In: Barcelona, Spain

The first time I visited Barcelona this semester, I saw all the sites, but wasn't there long enough to really appreciate the culture. The second time I went, I was there for longer, not by choice. My flight back to Paris was actually cancelled because of a French air traffic strike. So my friends went… Continue reading To Do In: Barcelona, Spain